i have two absolutely amazing boys...they are such a handful and i love it. meet my husband dave, my love and support system.
i have several passions in life; family, photography, design & soccer. All are very fulfilling and i couldn't live without!
take me home
meet my first baby boy Arlen James, who is now 2. Now i know the meaning of the word 'joy'.
meet my second baby boy Hadley Alexander...it's amazing how hard it is to remember life without them. ps. this is one of my all time favorite photos Davey has ever taken!
i graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2006, had a great experience and met some lifelong friends!
i have 4 AMAZING sisters! We are all within 6 years of each other, so needless to say, we are very close
i am a soccer coach and trainer. i coach all ages! i absolutly love watching players learn and grow!
Dave and i eloped over to switzerland. Just him and i. We helped eoch other get ready in the morning...best day ever.
one of my all time fav photos of Alren....that grin! :)
still hard to believe i have a family of 4....and two of them i created!!!
always looking for a new adventure, and yes, one of them is actually me!
grew up playing soccer, played 4 years at BGSU and i still play i can't get enough!
my beautiful mother… absolutly LOVE this photo of her
my studly father…:) he'd kill me if he knew i posted this photo!
meet my two pups Timi & Lanie, they love each other this is when i work. i care for my kids during the day therefore i work late at night. it's the only way to keep all the things i love...my business and my family. And yes, that is my son asleep on the bed. i keep him close because he wakes up several times to nurse. :)
did i tell you yet i love outside....hiking, camping, skiing (both snow and water)… anything involving outside and activity works for me!
would you like to travel? Uhmm……YES please! dave & I traveled around western europe for 2 months a couple years ago and I can't wait to travel again! this is how Timi got his name…he was very timid, always hiding when he was a pup!
this is what we do during the day
hands off ladies, he's mine!
did i say how much i love the ring sling to carry my babies around?...love it!
switzerland was my favorite place in europe this man was on his way to work in the field…so in love with this place!

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