Pricing & FAQs


What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography describes the candid, natural moments in life. It captures the current happenings in time, for example the adorable and amazingly goofy personality and the intimate surroundings of you and your loved ones…therefore when you are reminiscing over these photos, they are all things that make your heart smile.

Why are all sessions the same price?

I believe that if you have a precious newborn, or a child about to go off to college, or you’re soon to be a husband or wife…each moment is just as important as the next. I give my full attention and efforts in all photo sessions, no matter the circumstances…so therefore the prices should all be the same as well!

What time will we have our session?

I like to shoot in the early am during sunrise, or in the afternoon an hour or so before sunset. Why you ask? Photographing in the middle of the day when the sun is high creates harsh shadows under the eyes and nose…which equals not good. Therefore I don’t want us to be limited to just shaded areas!

What happens after the session?

Within two weeks, I’ll edit the photos. Then we’ll meet at my studio (200 West Pike Street, Covington KY 41011) and I’ll show you all the photos and printing options. I’ll post your photos online as well to help with your decision making and to share with family and friends (don’t worry, it will be a password protected page)! After the meeting, you’ll take your time and decide on which photos you’d like to print or keep on disc. When you are ready, you can stop by, email, call or mail me your order! As soon as I complete the order, you can pick up the the prints and disc! If you’d like, I can mail your order to you, however there will be a shipping fee.

How do I book a session?

All it takes is a 50% deposit to book the date! The final 50% is due when we meet for our session.

What type of payment do you except?

I accept cash, check, or credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (there is a 3.5% convenience fee with credit cards).

What should we wear?

I like to leave that completely up to you, however, a few things to keep in mind: avoid everyone matching…if you like that idea, maybe mix it up by choosing one color but different tones, or even a print!

Where should we go?

It is completely up to you! If you are not sure, think about some places around town that you enjoy being (the park, grandma’s house, the lake, an ice cream parlor, home, your fav coffee shop, etc.). Still don’t know? Think about the background…would you like an organic, woodsy background? beautiful brick architecture? picnic in the park? I hope that helps. I can help brainstorm too, just let me know!

How many people are allowed in a session?

I do not have a limit on how many people are in a session. However I do suggest to keep it simple. If you are wanting newborn photos, don’t invite your mom and dad and grandpa and aunt and brothers girlfriend and neighbors dog. You get what you put into it. Pick what you’d like to capture and let’s focus on that!

How many outfit changes can I have?

Unlimited. It’s up to you, but let’s not waste our time changing!

Should I bring anything?

If you’d like to bring things that have any meaning to you, go for it! For example; an old blanket made by great grandma; maybe your child’s raggedy old stuff toy that won’t leave their side; a football to toss with your son or a goofy hat that dad likes to wear. Be creative!

Do you travel?

Of course! I love to travel! There is no fee if the location is within 20 miles of my studio. There is an additional $1.00 per mile destination fee for locations over 20 miles away. I will use Google maps to determine mileage (I will use the exact milage from this address: 200 West Pike Street, Covington KY 41011). For distances greater than 200 miles I prefer flight and hotel accommodations. About 3 hours on the road is the maximum limit for me!

Do you have gift certificates?

Why yes I do! I offer gift certificates in any amount that you’d like. To order, please call or email with the dollar amount. After I receive the payment I’ll mail you the gift certificate!

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