Hiking with the Seven Smiths

So you all know that I love nature and my large family…well this session combined them both. Heidi & Rob took their 5 children Jordan 10, Madison 8, Ashley 7, Walker 5 and Cannon 4. This is something that they do often as you’ll see in these photos that the kids absolutely LOVE it! And I have to say, Cannon held her own on this hike, such a strong little trooper to keep up with her older brothers and sisters. Each of the kids were so different and you’ll see each of their personalities through the photos. Please meet the Smith family. Warning…I have posted WAY more photos in this blog because I just couldn’t leave any out! Enjoy!


Oh, and I love the first two…you can see Ashley finding something interesting, then smashing it with her foot! hahaha, too funny!

Walker decided not even five minutes into our hike to smudge mud all over his face! :)

LOVE this one :)


Heidi and Rob, you have such a beautiful family, thank you for letting me capture this moment in time!

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